Main advantages of construction using the SE-SIP construction system

Are you a construction company that focused on conventional brick constructions, or a group of carpenters looking for an opportunity to provide your customers with an alternative in the form of net zero energy and passive prefabricated buildings? The SE-SIP construction system is your solution. SIPEUROPE is happy to partner with you in providing quality supplies of the certified SE-SIP construction system, design as well as education and training services. The SE-SIP construction system will help you solve any project, whether it is a detached house, apartment building or commercial building.

Unbeatable Construction Speed

Whether in the form of individual construction or prefabricated houses made of SE-SIP panels, the construction is many times higher than conventional brick constructions, which need countless wet construction methods. The construction made of SE-SIP panels is a dry construction process that can be carried out at any time of year. The speed of construction significantly reduces the time spent on installation as well as other related items such as time for accommodation of workers, rental of scaffolding or construction machinery. This significantly reduces the costs of construction.

Thermal Insulation Properties

Despite smaller thickness, panels provide excellent thermal insulation properties. This provides more usable area and reduces heating costs by up to 50% compared to conventional construction systems. The insulating core is stable and does not disrupt even after decades. Buildings made of SE-SIP panels provide thermal resistance of perimeter walls and roof structures R=6,5 m2. K/W and more. Such buildings fall into the category of low-energy or passive buildings. They provide the necessary thermal comfort during the winter season and keep the building cool during the summer.

No Need for Construction Machinery

In the case of construction from individual SE-SIP panels, there is no need to use construction mechanization on the construction site. The panel weighs approximately 70kg, so it can be easily handled by two assembly workers. The construction can be carried out even in difficult-to-reach terrain or inaccessible areas where it is not possible to use construction machinery or a crane.

Construction System without Subcontracting

SIPEUROPE provides the supply of a complete construction system, including all necessary materials needed for the construction of a rough-in, such as structural timber KVH, BSH, CLT panels, carpentry fittings and fasteners. We supply a complete system to construction companies and it is not necessary to interrupt the construction due to subcontracting management.

Minimal Construction Waste

The amount of construction waste, its removal and price are a significant item in the construction of conventional brick structures. The prefabricated SE-SIP construction system is made to measure in the production hall. This significantly reduces the amount of construction waste for which you will only need a few construction bags instead of several containers.

Certified Construction System and Guarantees

SIPEUROPE and the SE-SIP construction system are the holder of the European Technical Assessment ETA 18/0312. The manufacturing process is subject to regular inspection by a notified body. Our company provides a 50-year certified warranty for the construction system.

Less Skilled Work

The training of assembly workers is mostly completed during their first project. A group of three assembly workers is sufficient for the installation of the SE-SIP construction system. After training and receiving a certificate, the assembly group is able to implement its next project independently.

Environmental Aspects

The SE-SIP construction system is classified as a wooden structure, so the overall process of manufacturing, construction as well as the possibility of recycling materials significantly reduce CO2 production.

Interested in training?

Our company provides full technical support for construction companies as well as training and educational services. We provide training for cnstruction workers and assembly groups throughout the EU. After training the assembly workers, the company will receive a certificate of training.

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