panelové stavby strecha systémom SIP

Current legislation and new market requirements demand increasing attention during the designing and planning of buildings. Higher levels of energy efficiency, prevention of thermal bridges, airtightness of the envelope, environmental aspects and many others pose challenges for many traditional construction systems. 

SIPEUROPE’s SE-SIP construction system is a new generation of timber structures. Unmatched construction speed, versatility, high strength and thermal insulation properties make the SE-SIP a highly efficient construction system for the construction of net zero energy and passive buildings.

construction of SE SIP panel family house


The panel consists of two 15mm OSB TOP4 boards and an insulating core of expanded flame-retardant EPS polystyrene, NEOPOR graphite polystyrene or PIR.

The result of the manufacturing process is a construction sandwich panel characterized with excellent thermal insulation properties, low bulk density and high structural rigidity.

The panels are made in several thicknesses, so their use will cover a wide range of needs. They can be used for floors, perimeter walls, partition walls and roofs.

The construction system using SE-SIP panels is classified in the category of timber buildings, but thanks to its physical and thermal insulation properties, it significantly outperforms conventional timber buildings.

composit panel SE SIP SIPEUROPE

In addition to panels, the SE-SIP construction system makes use of certified KVH and BSH structural timber in strength class C24 or GL24h, wooden bonded I-joists or CLT panels. Their quantity and dimension depend on individual static assessments of buildings.

For panel joints, various connecting elements, carpentry fittings, PUR foams, sealants and compression tapes are used to seal the joints. All materials are part of individual supplies of the construction system according to the demand submitted and there is no need to provide them retrospectively.

kvh, clt a bsh wooden prisms for SIP system

SIPEUROPE offers a complete SE-SIP construction system, including all necessary materials for the completion of a rough-in. We produce the panels according to project documentation in controlled factory conditions. In this way we don’t create additional work on the construction site, plus time and money are saved. It also ensures comfortable construction management without unnecessary interruption due to subcontracting.

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Certifikát o nemennosti parametrov 1301

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