Modular Buildings

Modular buildings are various low-energy or passive buildings made in the production hall in form of single units or “modules”.

After completion of the manufacturing process, modules are taken to a specified location where they are fitted on a pre-prepared base. Then, after the installation, the module is connected to the utility networks, so that the customer can use it almost immediately. Modules can be connected and expanded to meet the needs of the customer. If necessary, modules are designed, so that they can be relocated to another location in the future.

SIP construction system from SIPEUROPE is an excellent solution for the construction of modular buildings. The panel structure and solid insulation core ensure high robustness of individual modules and unparalleled insulation properties.


Modular buildings - MODULSIP - SE SIP panel modular house


Modular buildings have a wide range of applications. They can be used as recreational buildings, living spaces, detached modular houses, administrative and business premises, schools and kindergartens, or as temporary buildings.

The popularity of modular buildings is growing greatly today as they bring many benefits to their users.

Speed of Construction

The construction process takes place in the production hall, thus in dry processes. The manufacturing process is therefore not interrupted by weather conditions. The controlled manufacturing process ensures compliance with all different technological processes, plus eliminates possible errors that happen on construction sites.

Transport Possibility

Modular buildings are mainly used as permanent buildings. However, if there was a need to move the structure in the future, the modular construction can handle this process without problems. Modules are manufactured and designed with the possibility to be additionally handled.

Energy Efficiency

Modular buildings are designed in low-energy or even passive standard. This means that the buildings consume only a minimal amount of energy for their heating and cooling. For this reason, they have up to 50% lower operating costs than conventional brick buildings.

Fixed Price

The great advantage of modular houses is their predetermined fixed price. Since their manufacturing takes place in the production hall, there is no increase in the budget as in the case of construction on site.

Environmental Aspect

Natural materials are mainly used for the manufacturing of modules. This ensures high customer comfort and lower carbon footprint from the environmental viewpoint.

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